Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Feeling Scrappy

I have not scrapped since our last monthly crop on July 6. This is so unusual for me because I normally do at least a page or two each week. But when you have next to no energy, something has got to go. And for me, it has been scrapping, along with cleaning, laundry, blogging....just about all my normal daily activities. But, last week I have began to start feeling more like myself. I'm trying to get caught back up with my chores. And, I had the chance to get online with Leah and scrap a little last Thursday (OK...so it was actually the week before). Nevermind that I am just now getting it posted. It took me a while to figure out what to do first. But like riding a bike, it all came back to me. I was able to do two pages, mostly with my kits from SiStv. Here they are (sorry so blurry):And then last week, I went online hunting for a new kit to purchase. I found this one that I really liked from Sweet Pea Scraps:
When I sent in my order, I got an email asking if I wanted the July or the new August kit. I told her that I wanted this one...the July kit and didn't even know what the August kit looked like. So she sent me an email back with a link to show me:And I so totally fell in love with it too. Those are my colors! So I went ahead and signed up for the 3-month membership and she shipped both of them to me. I got them on Friday and I love them. I am so into kits now. Makes it so easy to scrap.

And this just in! Leah and I signed up for a couple of classes over at Simply Southern Scrapbook Convention which is coming to town the first weekend in October. How fun!

This Friday night is our monthly crop and I can't wait! Guess I'm feeling scrappy again!

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