Monday, December 4, 2006

Weekend Recap

We had a great time on Friday night scrapbooking! Before we met to scrap, some of us met at the LSS, RSL. And do you want to know what my sweet friends did for me? They gave me a gift certificate to spend there for my birthday that is coming up this weekend. They also brought me a Birthday cake! I have such wonderful friends...such a blessing! Well, we may not have gotten a whole lot accomplished on our scrapbooks, but we did a lot of laughing and really enjoyed ourselves. You gotta go to Leah's blog to see what she said about it all. Her comments on the night were so good, all I can say is "DITTO"! I do have one picture that she didn't post. We decided to take a pic of us all looking as silly as we could. Everyone is going to kill me for posting this, but oh well!
I got the layout for the circle journal finished and I did two other layouts for Alex's First Year Album. Here are pictures of them.Saturday, the kids and I went to the craft fair with Crystal, her two children, her mom, and Nancy. I was somewhat disappointed because I didn't find what I had intended to get there, but did come away with a few things that will make great presents. Also got some yummy soup mixes! I love soup this time of year.

Last night, we had the kids from church over for a youth devotional and game of Dirty Christmas. Both the adults and children got to play. I think everyone enjoyed that...we always do!

Well, the laundry is calling my name. That is my goal for today is to get it all DONE!