Monday, May 7, 2007

Whatta Weekend!

Have you ever had a weekend that was just so packed full of stuff...especially fun stuff? Well, this was one of those weekends for me. We had a little scrapbooking mixed with a bit of baby shower and some more scrapbooking, a little roadtrip fun, some people-watching at the mall, a little more scrapbooking, some surprise birthday stuff and I wrapped it all up with yet another baby shower! How's that for fun and exciting?! I bet you are just dying for me to fill you all in, aren't you?
Friday night was our monthly crop get-together. We also planned to have a surprise for our friend Amy while we were there. It was so funny because when she came in we hollered "Surprise" but she thought we were just being silly. Moments later it hit her that all those gifts were actually for her. We had a good time doing that for her and of course, we always have a good time scrapping! We got us an updated picture with all of our gang that have purchased the ATG 700. Don't we all look so....uhh....crazy cool with our guns?We had a great time chatting and doing a little bit of scrapping too!

We got up early to leave for Birmingham on Saturday morning. With it being National Scrapbook Day, we decided to take a road trip to the Scrap Etc. store that was having such a great sale. We got there early enough to be one of the first 25 in and got this cool scrap apron.Got some good deals! Can't wait to use it all.After shopping there, we found our way over to Scrapbook Mania where our blogging buddy, Cheryl is on the DT. Cute store and such nice people. She took pics of us and said that we might end up on there website....but we didn't. :)

We ate lunch at the Galleria and enjoyed our time together talking and doing a little people watching. We were taking our time getting home because not only was this a fun scrapbooking trip for us gals, it was also a way to keep our friend Amy busy while her husband finished the decorating for her 30th Surprise Birthday Party. We pulled in and she was truly suprised! Wow...what a responsilbility to pull something like that off! I was so nervous and so glad when it was all over. It's hard to keep secrets like that.

And then on Sunday night we had another baby shower for a lady in our church. So it was a weekend of cake, scrapping and lots of fun! I'll try to get back on here to show you some more pics of my layouts I did complete....although I think I only did one!

I am WAY behind on my blog reading! I hope to get the chance tonight or in the morning. Don't go anywhere....I'm on my way over to read and comment! :)

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