Thursday, April 26, 2007

Another Tag and Some Scraptivity!

I just love all these tags that come along and how they circulate through our little blogging community. My sweet friend, Kim, tagged me with this one on Wednesday. This one is the "Show Me Your Handbag" Tag! I have to admit that I love to buy purses. The one I am carrying now is handmade by a lady that lives a few towns over from me. She makes purses, diaper bags, you name it. I have a group of friends that get together to eat lunch and celebrate each other's birthdays through the year. For each birthday present, we got them a purse from this lady. This is the one they got for me in December for my birthday. I LOVE it. It has my favorite colors in it and sits just perfect on my shoulder. There are 3 pockets on the inside perfect for the small things that you don't want to get lost in the bottom. I can fit small notebooks and day planners in here as well when I need to.So now it's my turn to tag. Hmmm....let's see....whose purse have I always wanted to see the inside of?! I'm going to tag: Jamie (again), Jessi, Jolene, and Jude. I thought I'd just stick to the J names...Heh Heh!

Ok, on to some Scraptivity (don't you just love all the words that you can create for scrapping?!). I found an awesome site yesterday. It is just getting started and I can already tell that it's gonna be a Big One. So head on over to Feeling Scrappy and get registered on their message boards. Tell them that BamaButtercup sent you. :) Today I worked on a couple of layouts. One I did purely for fun. I really like how it turned out...and you see those colors again that I love so much.The second one I finished was for a contest held by PageMaps. I cannot post it, but I can post another one that I did for PageMaps last week.I'm planning on participating in an online crop this weekend with Leah over at I Love 2 Create. If anyone is interested in some fun this weekend, go register and maybe we'll see you there! Have a great weekend!

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