Friday, May 11, 2007

Some Layouts...

So here are some of the layouts I've done lately. The first one is from last's the ONE layout that I got completed over the NSD weekend.
Next is a layout that I did for a challenge on the Unpubbed website. The challenge was to do a layout about an object that you see in your house daily and what it means to you.
This layout was for the Scrapjack #8 Stephanie Howell. You can go to their website to see the target "jack".
Tonight I did two layouts while talking to Leah, Jamie and Heather using Skype. If you have never heard of Skype or have never tried is Awesome! We were able to 4-way chat with each other just as clear as a bell! And it was all free! Enjoyed doing all these layouts...hope you enjoyed seeing them. :)

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