Monday, November 20, 2006

What I've Been Up to Lately....

Wow! I can't believe how fast time can go by. I didn't blog anything the last part of the week or through the weekend. I stayed busy, busy last ALL my housework done and in shape for our Thanksgiving company. Now all I have for this week is my regular laundry and just maintaining what I've done so far. And that's no small task with the three I have running around here! As a reward to myself for staying home all last week and getting so much accomplished, I took off to Huntsville on Friday. The boys and I met Leah and Natalie at Hobby Lobby and then on to the Mall for a little lunch and playtime (they have a indoor playarea in the foodcourt...gotta love that!). After we ate, we walked around and went into a few stores, then met up with our friend Amy C. She was there to get pictures made of her cutie-pie daughter. We left and went to Michael's and then on to this LSS. We got a few goodies there and then I needed to head home to be there in time for Annessa to get off the bus. But I stopped by one last LSS on my way home. It is here that I have preordered Chatterbox Doodle Genies, but she has not received them yet. :(

On Friday night, I met Heather at this place where she was on a Scrap Retreat. I stayed for a few hours and worked on some stuff. It was a lot of fun...I wish I could have stayed longer or come back sometime on Saturday. I spent Saturday afternoon and Sunday with the family. We really enjoyed each other's company.

Today, I met a dear friend, Wendy, for lunch and then I met Amy C. at Hobby Lobby again! I know, I know...I'm addicted and need help. So when I got home today, instead of doing my laundry and house maintenance, I played! Here are some pictures of my desk that I moved into my dining room/scrap room. Amy M. will be proud of me...look at those labels! The last picture is of some of the goodies I got over the last few days.

I hope everyone is getting ready for Turkey Day! We are me a 14 pounder today...Yum Yum. I'll be adding my recipes for Turkey and my Mom's Cornbread Dressing to my recipe page this on the lookout!

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