Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A great time with friends...

Several of us got together at W.H. for a night of cropping last Friday night! It was so much fun as usual. But it was even better this time because we had some special guests. First of all, Jamie (whom I met through Amy M.'s blog and found out that she lived so close) got to come! It was so great to meet her finally after corresponding through emails and blogging! She is very sweet and we hope that she will come back (if we didn't scare her too much with our craziness).Secondly, my friend Heather got to come too. It was great to get back together with her and get to introduce her to my other scapping friends. And she fit right in, as did Jamie. I hope that both these girls will become a regular part of our monthly crops. Heather even took out her camera and was the one to take these pictures. I wish I could have thought to take some of everyone else that was there as well.

This is my good friend Amy pictured with me here. Everyone please leave a comment that she needs to get her a blog started!

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